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FAQ - Frequently asked DJ Questions, Fl DJ Prices - Disc Jockey Entertainment

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding our Services


Q. I am a client and I am having trouble logging into my website planning form to choose music etc, what is my password or login I don't remember getting one?

A. That information is included in the lower right hand corner of the cover letter sent to you with your contract.
Also it is on the upper right hand corner of your contract as well.

Q.   Can we come to an event where you are performing, to see you perform, just to peak in?

A.   No, we do not allow or invite strangers to our client's events.   We consider these events private and personal. 
We do invite you to come and meet us at our office, your home or the location that you are using.  
You may contact us to set up a meeting at your convenience.  You may also come to any public performance and those events that are listed on our web site.


Q.   When Does the DJ contact us to go over the details of our event?

A.   The week OF the event.   We wait until the week of your event because we only ask our performers to concentrate on one client at a time.  
Our service is more personal in that manner.


Q.   Do we meet our DJ, or is it handled over the phone?

A.   Your DJ will contact you by phone as early as the Monday prior to your event.  In-person meetings are available at the DJs schedule,
but can not be guaranteed by the company.


Q.   How long does the call take?

A.   Usually less than a half of an hour. It takes less time if you have filled out your on line planner, the DJ will verify the information you submitted.


Q.   What information does the DJ need when he calls?

A.   Verification of the event; date, time and balance due; also music requests, schedule of events, wedding party names, etc.
If you fill out your planning forms on line it's even easier.


Q.   What if we are not sure of these things?  Can the DJ instruct us on what works best, based on their experience?

A.   Yes, absolutely, but we allow you to have control unless you feel you need assistance.


Q.   When does the DJ arrive to set up, and is that time included in our contracted time?

A.   One hour ahead of time.   There is no charge to you and it is NOT included in your actual playing time.


Q.   What do we need to provide for the DJ?

A.   At least a six foot skirted banquet table, and a nearby standard 110 volt electrical outlet, immediately adjacent to the dance floor or dance area,
please no tables between the DJ and the dancefloor.


Q.   Does the DJ need to be included in the meal?

A.   No, that is not required.   However, many clients do choose to include them and it is appreciated.


Q.   How are the DJs assigned?   How do we know who we are going to get?

A.   DJs are assigned by such factors, but are not limited to:   Location familiarity, number of guests, age group of guests,
overall type of personality requested (outgoing, low-key, etc...), and music type requested.  
Of course, if you have a request of a particular performer, we invite your request, and will make every effort to honor it, based on their availability.  
When you hire Robb Smith Productions, you are actually hiring our staff of professional entertainers.


Q.   When do we pay the balance due?

A.   In most cases, at the end of the event, after the services have been rendered to your satisfaction.   You will receive a receipt for your records.


Q.   Do we tip the DJ?

A.   We believe that a tip or gratuity is earned and not expected.   If you feel that a tip is merited, anything you give the DJ goes directly to them and is appreciated,
after all, they did perform the event to your satisfaction.


Q.   What happens if the equipment breaks down, while you are performing?  Or the DJ gets sick?

A.   Our performers are required to carry back-up equipment with them in their own vehicle, so any down time would be minimal.  
Also we have back-up personnel on call every weekend.   They are standing by ready to perform for you in the event of an emergency.


Q.   Can the DJ stay and play longer and how much would that cost?

A.  On most evening events, yes they can.   Our overtime rates are clearly explained on our contract.  Please note that it is double the rates of booking the extra time prior to the event.   
So...  Depending on your needs, perhaps booking before may be less expensive.


Q.   Are you insured?

A.   Yes, we carry $1,000,000 of liability insurance.   We have never had a claim in our companies history.


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